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Circuit Design

We offer electronic design services at competitive rates. From concept to manufacturing we support our customers with hardware engineering along with firmware and software solutions. CADParts engineers will work with you to understand product/system requirements. We will develop functional and design specifications, present schedule, and cost estimation. You will be invited to participate in all design reviews starting from the Schematics and PCB Design to the test results of the physical prototypes.

Our new electronic product development methodologies are based on the Phase-Gate concept. We use high level electronic design methodologies and have extensive design and project management experience. We have an extensive proprietary knowledge base and Electronic Design expert system Engine. The electronic design process can be conducted in a simplified model or in a full-blown and detailed electronic design and development model.

We offer objective and quantifiable value to our customers in the form of experience, expertise, authority, low cost, quick, and flexible electronic design services.

Our Design Experience


Cost Reduction / Design Changes

Whether changing a circuit or designing a new circuit, saving money is always a concern. Cost reduction can be in the form of savings in the bill of materials, manufacturing, assembly or at test. Depending on volume the design may call for different circuits that provide the same function. We have the experience and knowledge for effective product cost reduction methods. You can trust our engineers will keep your bottom line our top priority.

Cost Reduction Measures

  • Understand the Product Function
  • Review the BOM for Cost Reduction
  • Target Obsolete Parts for Replacement
  • Analyze Circuits for Obsolescence
  • Preserve Software when Replacing Parts
  • Modify the Assembly Methods

Engineering Changes of Electronic Designs

Engineering design changes are used to update electronic components, electronic assemblies, electronic manufacturing processes or electronic design documents like design requirements or design specifications.

In electronic product design or electronic manufacturing the need for change is driven by design issues, cost reductions, changes in customer design requirements, change in electronic components or electronic manufacturing methods.

We can review existing electronic designs and propose process or electronics engineering design changes to mitigate issues like malfunctions, low reliability, electronic component obsolescence or performance degradation. We can also review existing designs and propose electronics engineering design changes to increase the electronic features and the designed functions.


The firmware for electronic designs lives in the gray area between electronic hardware and software without strict boundaries.

We complement our electronic design expertise with our extensive experience in firmware development. Developed in assembler or C and with strict adherence to coding guidelines and standards like MISRA. Additionally, we use the latest development tools in combination with version control software.

Our expertise includes the typical electronic design firmware building blocks like communication protocols, state machines, multitasking, device drivers, memory management, I/O management, error handling, timing, networking and RTOS.