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Symbols / Footprints

CADParts provides Symbol and Footprint creation services to our customers. If you are looking to free your Engineer/Designer from the tedious task of building Library Parts then give us a call. If you are implementing new tools and need to get to the design phase, we can help with your library creation. If you have Legacy Libraries that are of poor quality, unreliable or not up to a specific standard, we can get you to where you want to be.


Schematic Symbols are created based on our customers’ requirements. The delivered symbol should fit into your current library complete with pin orientations and attributes as if you created them yourself. Symbols are created as part of a Library creation project, a design service job or for a single device.


PCB Footprints are generated per IPC specifications for Least/Nominal/Most applications. Our standard is Nominal since this is what we see the most of. If our customers have standards we can provide footprints to comply to those standards. We use third party software when creating the parts. The software is template driven enabling us to set up a custom template for each customer.

Here are the Library Services we provide:
  • Schematic Symbols/Part Types/Cells built for tools from
          Altium – Cadence – Mentor Graphics
  • Footprints/Land Patterns built for tools from
          Altium – Cadence – Mentor Graphics
  • Quick Turnaround time from Order to Delivery
  • Standard Attributes – Custom Attributes
  • Land Pattern Datasheet Supplied
  • Land Patterns built to IPC-7351 Standard or
  • Land Patterns build to Custom Standards
  • Affordable Pricing for single part or Complete BOM

Library Construction

CADParts has helped many companies lay down a good foundation for building a comprehensive library that reduces time in the product development cycle.  We have helped companies change unreliable libraries into reliable libraries that reduce design time.

If you’ve ever placed a part on a schematic and copied it throughout the schematic and then tried to generate a BOM from the schematic you’ll know what we are talking about. While creating a schematic, this method seems fast but causes issues with creating accurate BOMS due to inaccurate attributes. This method takes much more time when you have to go back and change the attributes for each part.

Our methods create accurate parts the first time so you can place them and not have to worry about inaccuracies throughout the design process. If you replace a part you don’t have to worry about updating attributes. When you generate a BOM you can have confidence that it is accurate.

How we work with your company to help you create a library:

Discover – Organize – Document – Build – Promote

Our Library Creation Process:

Create – Review – Test – Publish – Store

What a Library should look like:

Parts Created based on Standard Templates
Part are named per a standard
Parts Grouped by Type (CAP, DIO, RES, XTAL)
Each Part, as a minimum, contains enough information to purchase the part
Each part has a Footprint assigned to it
Footprints Created based on Standard Templates